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 Nuro’s Pizza Robot Will Bring You a Domino’s Pie
It’s about half the size of a sedan, and for now it needs a chase car with a babysitter. For now.

 Huawei Says US Sanctions Will Reduce Revenue by $30 Billion
The Trump administration last month barred shipments of any US technology to Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

 Your Google Calendar Isn't Safe, an Eye-Controlled TV, and More News
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

 Lawyers in a Murder Trial Clash Over a DNA Forensics Method
The first trial in which genetic genealogy helped identify a suspect is now underway, and the two sides are sparring over the limits of the new technique.

 Stunning Photographs Created With a Flashlight Lightsaber
"Liquid light painter" Denis Smith invented his own LED tools to shoot these photographs.

 Pete Buttigieg Enlists a Silicon Valley Vet to Bring in the Money
Swati Mylavarapu worked at Square and Kleiner Perkins before pivoting to progressive startups. Now she applies lessons from the tech world to Pete Buttigieg's campaign.

 'Men in Black: International' Disappoints at the Box Office
Also, Taylor Swift dropped a video for "You Need to Calm Down." Watch it here.

 Neptune Is a Windy, Chilly, and Baffling Planet. Let's Go!
Scientists are building a case for a mission to Neptune, an ice giant that's only been visited by a spacecraft once. But the window to act is closing.

 Hey Alexa, Why Is Voice Shopping So Lousy?
A new study suggests smart speaker owners aren’t using those devices to buy things on the internet—because it’s a bad shopping experience.

 'Star Wars' News: 'The Rise of Skywalker' Got Made On the Run
One of the movie's editors was cutting it together while it was being shot.