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home | Locations | FACTS & FIGURES FOR POPLAR BLUFF, MI . . .

Ivan Gillis
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Poplar Bluff, Missouri


Poplar Bluff is a city in Butler County, Missouri, United States. It is the county seat of Butler County and is also known as "Gateway To The Ozarks.


Poplar Bluff takes its name from the bluff that overlooks the Black River from the west side. When first settled, the bluff was covered with poplar trees. Some locals refer to the city as simply "The Bluff." The bluff itself is a distinct landmark separating the Ozark foothills from the lowland Mississippi embayment of Southeast Missouri. North and west lie the foothills, south and east the lowlands.


The surrounding area is commonly known as the "Three Rivers" with many local organizations and businesses using the name. The three rivers; Current River, Black River, and St. Francis River are 40 miles apart, with Poplar Bluff right in the center on the Black. Black River features Clearwater Reservoir upriver from Poplar Bluff and 50 miles away by road. The outlet of the dam is one of the places in Missouri where the spoonbill catfish can be found. Current River, part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, lies to the west and is home to Big Spring.


The Industrial Park is located on the 'South Side" and is home to Briggs and Stratton, Gates Rubber, Team USA, and other factories. The Bluff Falls Water Park is also located on the South Side. The "Sale Barn" also lies on the South Side. Every Friday sees a livestock auction there and the grounds feature a large outdoor flea market selling everything from apples to hunting dogs. The Airport is located on the East Side of town on Hwy B or old 60 East Hwy.


The identity of the very first European visitor to the Poplar Bluff area is Hernando DeSoto. DeSoto landed at Tampa Bay in May of 1539. Later he crossed the Mississippi River. He then traveled to a point below the mouth of the St. Francis river, and into Butler County. DeSoto and his men traveled through what is now Ash Hill and passed just outside of Poplar Bluff. Later, the French were the first Europeans to assert any territorial rights over the Poplar Bluff area. The French held the area until 1770, when it was ceded by treaty to Spain. Spain held the area until 1802 when it was returned to France. Throughout this time the area of Poplar Bluff, as well as all of Butler County, held almost no European settlements up until 1819. When this first white settler family moved into the Poplar Bluff area in 1819, it is reported that about 300 Native Americans resided in the area.




Population (year 2000): 16,651. Estimated population in July 2006: 17,059 (+2.5% change)


Males                          7,584                          45.5%

Females                     9,067                          54.5%

Median Age--38.7 Years

Ancestries: United States (15.3%), German (11.8%), Irish (10.7%), English (8.3%), Dutch (2.7%), Italian (2.2%).

Races in Poplar Bluff:

  • White Non-Hispanic (86.4%)
  • Black (9.7%)
  • Two or more races (1.7%)
  • Hispanic (1.3%)
  • American Indian (1.3%)

Income & Housing Costs Numbers:


Estimated median household income in 2005: $23,400 (it was $22,068 in 2000)


Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $60,900 (it was $50,200 in 2000)



Elevation: 340 feet

Land area: 11.6 square miles.

Population density--1463 per square mile--low.

In-Depth Facts and Figures as listed below, plus other information:

·        Climate Charts

1.     Average Temperature

2.     Precipitation (Rain)

3.     Humidity

4.     Wind Speed (MPH)

5.     Snowfall

6.     Sunshine

7.     Cloudy Days

·        Tornado Activity History

·        Hospitals & Medical

·        Airports

·        Colleges/Universities

·        High Schools

·        Locations of Interest

·        Shopping Centers

·        Churches

·        Lakes/Streams/Rivers/Creeks/Parks

·        Tourist Attractions

·        Banks

·        Housing Costs Information

·        Crime Statistics

·        Radio Stations AM/FM

·        TV Broadcast Stations

·        Discussion Forums


For the above information and photos, click this link:


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