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Ivan Gillis
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Assuming Paris Hilton loses the lust for the limelight some time in her lifetime, where would or should she retire to?


Retirement locations for Paris would/should include: In the good old U.S. Off-Shore, or as some suggest Outer Space.


Maybe Paris should buy an island somewhere and start her own country.  There are some Pacific Island where nearly everything is for sale, and with her money she could afford to buy sovereignty, and then she could be the judge or at least appoint the one who would rule on her cases.


Of course Paris's pad in Beverly Hills could be a nice retirement location.  Lets see: good weather, good health care, ready access to the media, nearly automatic renewal of drivers licenses (regardless of age) oops may be a little harder for her, since she has a suspended license, and if GW has his way a tax free inheritance.  Of course California income taxes are a little stiff, but the proposed savings on the federal should off set any state taxes.


Off-shore, maybe Monaco, Rio, Bangkok, or some other place which could accommodate the party life style.  Even retired a girl has to party once in a while! 


Wait a moment you say, how about her namesake Paris, France?  Your Publisher doesn't have any hard data on lifestyles in France so I can't speculate if Paris would fit into Paris in retirement.


Alas, seems the only retirement location suited for Paris Hilton is Outer Space.  And space travel may be common before Paris is ready to give up the spot lite.


Tomorrow, would be OK with your publisher.


Member comments more than welcome!  Please do!







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